Friday, September 4, 2020

Creating Your Foundation (Not A Panacea)


(Yucatan, 2018)

                          Working with a Divorce Coach isn’t going to solve your problems. (Sorry.)  Following advice to meditate, eat well, walk on the beach, and get plenty of sleep won’t make your divorce issues (or any other issues) go up in a puff of magic smoke.* That would be great, but it probably won’t happen quite like that.

               Your Divorce Coach – even the most excellent and wise coach – isn’t going to tell you “the answers.” Instead, your hard work (and there’s no way to sugarcoat: it will be hard work) is to listen to your coach – even when you don’t want to hear what you know deep inside is true, as you build up your own strength, find your own solid ground, and determine the best answers for yourself.  When you’ve done the hard work, when you solidify your center, you will emerge knowing how strong and wonderful you are. You will trust yourself and from this grounded place, you will be ready to meet every challenge that you have to walk through.

               If you want to get past your divorce issues – if you want to thrive – there is no other option other than walking through.  It’s like that children’s book: Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, you have to go right through it. And although there isn’t a magic pill that someone can give you, maybe after all there is the magic that you find inside yourself….

*To be clear: walking on the beach, meditating, etc. are wonderful and I enthusiastically recommend. If you want to talk about other things that I would suggest for you, let’s talk: – until then, take good care and try to find something beautiful every day!

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